Legal Notice - Energy Savings Improvements Project – Air Handler Replacement

Frontier Local School District

Energy Savings Improvements Project – Air Handler Replacement

Scope of Work

 Brewer-Garrett Job #17034

July 14, 2017


Furnish all Labor, Material, Equipment, Aerial Lifts, Rigging, Rigging Equipment, Supervision and Project Management, etc. required to complete the scope of work as shown upon the documents provided by The Brewer-Garrett Company and as required for the above referenced project. The work will include but will not necessarily be limited to the following:


Section 1: Contract Documents:

  • Includes this Scope of Work Document and Master Bidding Docs for Energy Conservation Improvements – Air Handler Replacement. 
  • Includes the Drawings dated 7/14/17.  They include C-1, M-0.1, M-1.0, M-1.1, M-1.2, M-1.3, and E-1.0.


Section 2: Detailed Scope of Work:

  • The contractor that bids this bid package is the prime contractor and as such is responsible for the entire scope of work including mechanical, electrical, air balance, and roofing contractors along with the contract documents for the project.  The control work is and will be performed under a previous contract by Armstrong Electrical Services, Inc. The coordination of work for all contractors will be the responsibility of the contractor awarded this project.
  • The work includes the replacement of 15 – Roof Top Units at the High School and 3 – Make Up Air Units of which 1 is at the High School, 1 is at Newport Elementary School, and 1 is at New Matamoras Elementary School.
  • The contractor will furnish and install all of the units and remove all of the existing units from the site.
  • In your proposal, include the cost for all permits.
  • Include all work, material, equipment, etc. in accordance with the plans and specifications and as required for a complete and working system.
  • The schedule is extremely important.  The need for a crane to set the new equipment on the roof and the removal of the existing units will require communication and coordination with the representatives of the school.  After school activities will take precedence. 
  • Prior to the work commencing, this contractor shall provide an in depth schedule for approval by Frontier Schools.  In all likelihood, the new equipment will be set and the existing units removed on 2nd shift.  The actual mechanical and electrical connections can be made on 1st shift.
  • Prior to the removal of the existing units, proper measurement of existing roof openings shall be confirmed that they will be able to accept the new equipment, or special accommodations will have to be made before that particular piece of equipment can be replaced.
  • Regarding the Make Up Air unit replacements:  Once determined when the kitchen will no longer be needed on a Friday and won’t be needed until the following Monday, that unit must be replaced completely – including the tie-in to the existing kitchen hood fire protection system.
  • All units shall have a disconnecting means installed at the factory and have a convenience outlet.
  • Based on the information provided above, your price shall include the necessary shift differential costs and any other premium costs including Saturday, Sunday or holiday work.
  • At this time, based on an award within the first week of August, it is imperative that submittals be processed immediately after award.  Allowing a one day turnaround by Brewer-Garrett, we anticipate a 6 to 8 week lead time prior to delivery.  By the end of September, we anticipate the contractor to be on site and the work must be complete by the end of October.
  • At the end of the project, there will be a final walk through. 


Section 3: General Scope of Work:

  • Include the costs to deliver, store, pickup, transport and install the equipment.
  • Include the costs for all deliveries as required. 
  • Absolutely no work is to begin on site without verifying that a Brewer-Garrett site specific safety evaluation has been completed.
  • All payment applications to be submitted on or before the 18th day of each month. 
  • Project is tax exempt.
  • Prior to beginning work, review the Brewer-Garrett drawings, review the site logistics and existing conditions.  Notify the Brewer-Garrett Co. of any material conflicts and obstacles after this effort. The Brewer-Garrett Co. will participate in this effort as well.
  • Prior to contract award and before proceeding with any work, provide proof of acceptable insurance (per the attached insurance requirements) naming The Brewer-Garrett Company and the Owner as additional insured’s. 
  • Provide a current workman’s compensation certificate.
  • Work must be completed in accordance with all codes and regulations as required by Federal, State, and local agencies having jurisdiction.
  • Include the costs for all necessary State, County, and local permits that may be required by authorities having jurisdiction and the associated inspections and approvals.  Obtain, maintain and pay for any permit, inspection, testing and fee applicable to the work.  Schedule and attend all intermediate and final inspections as required for approval notifying Brewer-Garrett prior to each occurrence.
  • Complete all work in accordance with the construction schedule of 9/1/17 – 10/31/17.
  • Follow OSHA regulations for safe work practice.
    • Note:  Hard hats, safety glasses, job appropriate work boots, and gloves are required at all times work is taking place.
  • Prior to mobilizing on site, provide a site specific safety plan for where work is to take place.
    • Note:  In addition, if using a man lift to execute work, provide copies of operator certification and safety procedures.
  • This Contractor must have a competent safety person on site at all times while work is being performed. This person must carry a minimum 30 hour safety certificate.
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) must be provided for all construction materials brought on to the site.
    • Note:  Electronic copies must be provided to The Brewer-Garrett Company for record.
  • The Contractor and each of its Subcontractors is responsible for its own safety program and as such will be responsible for payment of all fines and/or claims for damages.
    • The Brewer-Garrett Company will conduct periodic Safety Audits as a part of this project.  Any actions items identified as needing to be corrected will be documented and issued to the project supervisor.  These items are to be corrected within 24 hours and the Brewer-Garrett issued Safety Audit Documentation signed and returned noting their correction.  Failure to do so will result in subcontractor billing being placed on hold.
    • Imminent danger deficiencies must be corrected immediately upon recognition of the hazard.  Any work related to that portion of the job must be suspended, at the expense of the subcontractor, until the hazard has been completely mitigated.
  • Provide, within 36 hours of request, any safety training/inspection documentation required to The Brewer-Garrett Company.
  • Note:  This is to include but not be limited to:  Inspection reports, tool box talks, sign-in sheets, incident reports, etc.  Failure to do so will result in subcontractor billing being placed on hold. 
  • The Contractor must be in good standing with the Ohio Bureau of Workmen’s Compensation Drug-Free Workplace Program.
  • Participate in Weekly meetings and as requested by The Brewer-Garrett Company and provide documentation on current job status. Documentation provided will track job status and justify payment requests.
  • As the buildings will be partially occupied during a portion of the scope of work, it is required that accessibility be maintained for students and staff at all times.
    • Note:  Contractor will be required to furnish all labor, materials, equipment and supervision required to provide for overhead protection and perimeter pedestrian control, where required, if safe access cannot be maintained during work.
  • There will be no radios, smoking and foul language.  There will be no interaction with students and school personnel. 
  • Available restrooms will be designated by the Owner within each building.  No other restrooms are to be used by the contractor or its subcontractors.  The restrooms that are used must be left in an appropriate manner and will be subject to cleaning at contractor’s expense, if necessary.
  • Protect the Owner’s property at all times.  Make sure carts for materials and tools as well as any equipment will not damage, scratch or mark walls, floors, elevators, or any exterior surfaces (landscaping and/or asphalt/concrete).
  • When a lift is required for whatever reason, the contractor will provide ¾” plywood as required to protect the floor.  If required by the owner, the lift may be required to be “diapered” to protect the plywood and the floor.
  • Document, with pictures and/or video, all existing conditions prior to beginning any work.  All conditions to be returned to their prior state.  Any damage and undocumented issues to be repaired at contractor’s expense.
  • Any and all damage created as the result of construction activities to be the responsibility of the contractor to repair to their prior condition.
  • Properly store and protect all materials and equipment at all times.  Contractor to provide all equipment, materials and resources needed for material storage.  The Frontier Local School District will allow the Contractor to use certain locations inside and outside of the schools for storage: however, the Frontier Local School District will have no liability for damage or theft while the materials are being stored.  
    • Note:  Material storage must not damage or cause restricted access to Frontier Local Schools’ property.  Material storage equipment locations to be approved by Frontier Local Schools prior to being set in place.  Material storage locations subject to change.
  • Contractor responsible for providing and maintaining its own dumpsters throughout the project duration.
  • Contractor is responsible for clean-up of scrap, drops, waste, etc and to leave the work areas “broom clean” each evening.  Large items and steel scrap must be removed and disposed off site. 
  • The nature of this scope of work occurring in this facility predicates a thorough, systematic approach for this project.
  • Hazardous Material Abatement: (Contractor is to identify any suspicious material and immediately bring it to the attention of Brewer-Garrett).  No work will start in that area until the material is properly abated (by others), employing work practices as governed by law and until authorization to proceed has been given by Brewer-Garrett and Frontier Local Schools.
  • Provide as-built drawings; one hard bond copy on ¼”=1’ scale and one copy on CD.
  • Provide a one year (1) warranty on all labor, materials and equipment, etc., beginning upon the date of Owner’s acceptance.



Note:   A copy of the contract between The Brewer-Garrett Company and the Frontier Local School District Board of Education is on file at our office for review.  The successful contractor will be responsible for the same terms and conditions of the contract between The Brewer-Garrett Company and the Frontier Local School District Board of Education.



Note:  Do not contact Frontier Local Schools regarding this request for a bid.  Direct all questions regarding this request to Dale Rogers at the Brewer-Garrett Company.

Mobile Phone – (440) 865-4632

Email –



A Pre-Bid meeting and site visit will be held on Tuesday July 25, 2017, at 11:00 AM EST.  Meet at the following job site address:

Frontier High School Main Office

44870 State Route 7

Matamoras, Ohio 45767

All contractors must sign in at the front office.


BID’s will be due on Friday, August 4, 2017, by 11:00 AM EDT at the Treasurer’s Office for Frontier Local Schools. 

Frontier Master Bid - AHU Replacement

Frontier Bid Set

Frontier Scope of Work - AHU Replacement


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